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Monitoring Manual – How to access the monitoring of the judicial and prosecutorial system more easily?

This manual serves as a guide for the organisation, methodology, and form of monitoring court cases in the courts in the Republic of Kosovo.

In addition, the manual addresses the role, tasks, and responsibilities
of the monitor while performing their tasks, issues of the methodology of drafting monitoring reports, and provides summarised explanations of aspects, such as data/information collection, how to draft brief and broad analysis, and especially concretely addresses the types and kinds that characterise the monitoring work.

Another aspect of special importance that this manual emphasises is
the code of ethics of the monitor, which is summarised in 10 categories that serve to conduct fair, correct, and professional monitoring.

In conclusion, the manual addresses the issue of monitoring the
implementation of recommendations that are provided when
publishing legal analysis and which mainly serve as an evaluation
parameter to measure the effectiveness and productivity of the
implemented monitoring.

Through this action, the implementation of the recommendations that follow during the drafting and publication of an analysis is monitored as a better way of reflecting the impact of the recommendations in the justice system, namely, the analysis of case law and the fact of how likely it is for a certain recommendation
to be implemented in real life.

The monitoring manual is available at the link: http://www.legalpoliticalstudies.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/GLPSINL_PracticalToolkitCourtMonitoring.pdf